Here are just a few of the artists we have worked with

Pá Que Tu Lo Sepas

Orquesta Borinquen is the "powerhouse" salsa band from the San Francisco Bay Area.  Led by trumpeter Bill Ortega, Jr. this album is the product of a collaboration of a variety of top arrangers/writers including that band's own lead singer Carlos Xavier & pianist Marco Montoya.

Top arrangers on this album include Willy Torres, Efrain "Junito" Davila, Ramon Sanchez, Andy Guzmán, & the Bay Area's own Erick Peralta.  The album climbed many charts just within few months of it's release in Oct 2017 & made #32 on the Top 50 for 2017 on Ritmo Caribe.  Most recently the album made #5 on the Salsa Ne Gen playlist in March 2018.

Been A Long Time Comin'

The Smooth Jazz Alley was formed by Guitarist Stan Evans & Keyboardist Marco Montoya, both San Francisco Bay Area natives. The collaboration of this album has been in the works for over a decade after the split up of the Latin band Grupo Caribe, where they first became longtime band mates.

This album actually made Billboard's most added list to radio in Smooth Jazz two weeks in a row in September 2016, and also has made it to the ballot for the 59th Grammy Awards for consideration in the Contemporary Instrumental Album category.

Miguel Melgoza

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Miguel Melgoza is a drummer, percussionist, songwriter, guitarist,  & singer.  This was Miguel's first solo album, entitled "Miguel Melgoza" and I was both honored and happy to be involved in recording Miguel's vocals on some of these excellent tracks! 


Miguel was also involved in recording drums on most of The Smooth Jazz Alley's album, Been A Long Time Comin'.  Miguel Melgoza is not only a good friend, but also a very talented and respected artist & musician.

Lucha Contra El Tiempo

A passionate singer, songwriter, performer whose debut CD "Lucha Contra El Tiempo" was a collection of ballads infused with Latin/Pop/Rock about about love, loss, dissapointment, betrayal and hope that were years in the making. Carlos Xavier is also lead singer for Orquesta Borinquen who I am currently working with on their second album. Xavier is also working on his first salsa album that will be released later this year. On his pop album I helped arrange, play and recorded the piano on "Si Dices Que Si", and also tracked the violin from the very talented Anthony Blea.