More artists/productions we have been involved with


A singer, songwriter, performer whose debut CD "Vision" was a series of inspired songs that depicted a positive vibe set to uptempo dance beats and R&B ballads. I have been working with Mona for many years. She is an extraordinary songwriter and we continue to work together on many songs that are still unreleased, however cover all types of genres.


A salsa group in the San Francisco Bay Area. “Lo Dejaria Todo” was an original remake of the hit song by Chayanne. It is the latest single that has been heard in Puerto Rico, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico and other Latin American countries and I was honored and lucky to be involved in the recording and arrangement of this version for Toni Nieto.


For over three decades, Teresse Creech has been ministering God’s word through music. With grandparents and family in the ministry, Teresse was surrounded by a legacy of faith. At the age of fifteen she was playing the piano and writing Christian lyrics. She sang, not only as a soloist, but as an accompanist, playing keyboards with worship teams throughout the country. I was very fortunate to meet Teresse through the family and even luckier to be able to arrange two songs on her album, Holy Are You Lord, and Only God's Grace.


A writer, oral historian who after being impressed with her aunt’s artwork captured it in a documentary film and a series of books.  The book Mrs. Brown's Beauty-Inspired by The Masters (2011) contains Inez’s renderings of famous master European artists dating back to the pre-17th century, as well as well-known 20th century women artists.  C2010 Productions was proud and honored to be part of creating a video to showcase some of the artwork that was featured in the book.  

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